Shopping in Thailand

Shopping in Thailand is an experience to delight various types of shoppers. There are many shopping options for your choice - from huge, modern, air-conditioned shopping malls, to the famous buzzing street markets. There is a large variety of things to buy - everything from cheap clothing, souvenirs and antiquities to designer jewellery and accessories.

Street markets

Thailand boasts a variety of exciting markets that can bring you an unforgettable experience, as well as a fantastic opportunity for some discount shopping. Few are the things you won’t be able to find there - they feature an amazing selection of local street food, unique hand-crafted items and, of course, a wide array of fake designer goods.

Street Markets

Shopping malls

If you love shopping in style, Thailand and in particular its capital Bangkok can be the right place for you. There is a huge selection of shopping malls where you can find finest fashion stores, global brands, book shops, speciality stores, accessories stands and all kinds of luxury designer lifestyle goods. Visiting the best shopping malls in Thailand provide an entirely different shopping experience than traditional Thai street markets.

Shopping Malls

Shopping always comes with eating in Thailand and the best place to eat cheap while shopping at the mall is Pier 21 Food Court at Terminal 21 in Bangkok.

Floating markets

Floating markets are irresistible not only to tourists but Thais too. Floating markets attract crowds on weekends and the main attraction there is food. Most visitors who come to Thailand want to visit a floating market, making some markets so popular that they have simply turned into a photo opportunity, like the famous Damoen Saduak Floating Market.

Floating Markets

If you wish your shopping experience to be more local, you can find less crowded floating markets not attracting as many tourists.  Even if it can be just a few boats parked next to a pier and it might look more of a riverside market, you will be one of a few tourists there and will be shopping just like Thais do.

While visiting Bangkok, consider visiting one of Bangkok's Floating Markets for real local experience.

Local fairs and festivals

Fairs and festivals are numerous around Thailand throughout the year. Usually they have colourful processions, exhibitions and cultural performances. Local fairs and festivals attract large crowds of local people. Where there is a crowd of Thais, there will always be various local food and shopping opportunities around. The more off the beaten path you go, the more local shopping experience awaits you.

Local Fairs

It's not unusual to see a local festival taking place at the premises of Thai temple. The temple usually serves not only as a place of worship but as a centre of community for Thais. Temple festivals feature various attractions, food and shopping making them very popular between Thais. If you have an opportunity to visit festival like this, jump on that chance and you will experience local festivity even in such a beaten up place as Pattaya is.

Temple Festivals

Fresh markets

Shopping like a Thai experience will never be full without wandering Thailand's fresh markets as these markets play an important part in the lives of local people. They offer an array of food items at very low prices - you can find an exhaustive selection of meat and seafood, fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. The fresh markets in Thailand come in all shapes, sizes and specialities.

Fresh Markets

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