Nana Plaza - Red Light District in Bangkok

If you are planning to visit Bangkok, taking a peek at one or few of its Red Light Districts most probably is on your to do list as the capital Thailand is well known for its entertainment nightlife and go-go bars.

Another popular red light district in Bangkok is Nana Plaza - a U-shaped three story building-sex complex, claiming to be “The World’s Largest Adult Playground”. Nana Plaza opens daily and the action there usually starts at around 7pm.

There are around 30 go-go bars spread over all three levels of Nana Plaza building. Go-go bars within Nana Plaza offer all that Thailand’s red light districts are famous for - go-go dancers, live shows, pole dancers and relaxing atmosphere. Nana Plaza is known for having the biggest selection of ladyboy bars as well. There are also beer bars on the ground floor and even short time hotels on the upper level of Nana Plaza building.

Nana Plaza

Most Popular Go-Go Bars

The most popular go-go bars in Nana Plaza are Angelwitch and Rainbow 4

How to Get There

Nana Plaza is located on Sukhumvit Soi 4 (also called Soi Nana), in one of Bangkok’s most popular nightlife areas, called Nana.

Nana Plaza is easily reached by Public Transportation - BTS SkyTrain Nana station is just 300 meters away from this station.

How to Get to Other Red Light Districts

Public Transportation in Bangkok operates until midnight, so you can reach other red light districts from Nana Plaza easily:

Soi Cowboy red light district can be easily reached by BTS SkyTrain as Asok station nearby Soi Cowboy is just one station from Nana station. 

Patpong red light district from Nana Plaza can be reached in two ways:

1) take BTS SkyTrain at Nana station, go to Siam station, change BTS lines and get out at Sala Daeng station

2) take BTS SkyTrain to Asok station and change there to MRT (Metro) Sukhumvit station. Get on the train going to Hua Lamphong direction and get out at Silom station - Patpong is within easy walking distance from this station.

Map of Red Light Districts in Bangkok

Location of Nana Plaza and other Bangkok's red light districts can be easily found on this map.