Talad Rot Fai Ratchada - Train Night Market Ratchada in Bangkok

Train Market Ratchada or Talad Rot Fai Ratchada is one of the most popular night markets in Bangkok. Ratchada Night Market is the new train market which was established following the great success of the original train market Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin.

Talad Rot Fai Ratchada

Talad Rot Fai Ratchada is not as large as Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin but it is rapidly expanding as more and more tourists discover this market. The night market fills up with tourists and locals every night when thousands of them head to the market for shopping and enjoying various Thai delicacies.

Night Market Location

Train Market Ratchada was opened in Bangkok’s Ratchadapisek area which is easily accessible by public transportation from anywhere in the city. Ratchada Night Market occupies a large area just behind Esplanade Shopping Complex, next to MRT (Metro) Thai Cultural Center station.

Food at Ratchada Night Market

Like all markets in Thailand, Talad Rot Fai Ratchada has lots of food on offer. As soon as you will enter the premises of the night market, you will notice long rows of food stalls offering a great variety of Thai food dishes, snacks, drinks and fruits. Food prices at Ratchada Night Market are reasonable, even if a bit higher than you could find on the streets of Bangkok.

At Train Market Ratchada you will find many stalls serving grilled seafood. Some of the stalls serve spicy seafood on paper that is a great food experience.

Stewed Pork Ribs is another popular dish at Talad Rot Fai Ratchada. There is a restaurant serving mountains of pork ribs in a spicy sour soup. The dish not only tastes good but also looks really impressive.

Talad Rot Fai Ratchada Food

Ratchada Night Market food options also include BBQ Seafood (fish, crabs, squids, mussels, shrimps), Shabu Hot Pot, Giant Thai Food such as Pad Thai and Pad Kra Pao, BBQ Pork Ribs, Crispy fried shrimps, Enoki Mushrooms Wrapped in Bacon, deep fried insects, Thai Grilled Pork Satay, Moo Ping (Thai-style grilled pork), Crispy Batter, Pancakes, Grilled Bananas with Coconut Sauce, Roti, various Thai desserts and much more. For more ideas of what Thai food dishes and snacks are worth to try at the market check Talad Rot Fai Ratchada Food.

Things to Buy at Ratchada Night Market

At Talad Rot Fai Ratchada you will find many stalls selling various clothes, bags, shoes and electronics. Like at the original train market, you can also expect to find a variety of items such as antiques, second-hand toys and various retro accessories being sold at Ratchada Night Market. As a number of tourists visiting the night market are increasing fast, there are plenty of stalls selling various souvenirs already.

Bars at Ratchada Night Market

A good selection of open-air bars with rooftop seating can be found at the back of Train Market Ratchada. Some of the bars here offer live music as well. Bars at Talad Rot Fai Ratchada serve beer and other liquors at affordable prices. For 3 bottles of Chang Beer expect to pay about 260 Baht, for a cocktail about 150-170 Baht, for a bucket – 290 Baht.

Bars at Ratchada Night Market

Talad Rot Fai Ratchada is definitely one of the best night markets in Bangkok. If you like lively atmosphere and crowds of people don’t bother you, you can easily spend few hours at Ratchada Night Market exploring the stalls, eating street food and relaxing with a glass of cold beer at the bar.

Ratchada Night Market Opening Hours

Ratchada Night Market is open daily, from 17:00 to 01:00. The best time to visit the market is after 19:00 when most of the stalls are already open. However, it gets really busy at the time.

How to get to Ratchada Night Market


Take MRT (Metro) to Thailand Cultural Centre Station and leave via Exit 3. Once you get out to the street, walk to the left and take the next left side lane before the Esplanade shopping mall. Talad Rot Fai Ratchada is just behind the shopping mall.

By Taxi

Take taxi to “Esplanade” on Ratchadapisek Road.

By Public Bus

Take Public Bus No. 73, 74, 136, 179, 185, 206, 514 or 517 and drop off at the bus stop near MRT Thailand Cultural Centre Station.