Night Markets in Bangkok

There are many shopping options for your choice in Bangkok. For local shopping experience you should head to one of Bangkok's night markets. Our favourites are listed here.

Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin (Train Market Srinakarin)

Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin also known as Train Market is located at Srinakarin Soi 51, just behind Secon Square shopping mall. The biggest part of this market is open only on weekends.

Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin is mostly about retro and vintage. You can find vintage furniture, retro clothing and accessories, toys, classic cars and much more. Not all of the market is about vintage as you can find clothing, bags, electronics and other modern stuff here. There are also plenty of street food stalls at the market. Even if you’re not into vintage goods, the atmosphere of Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin makes it a place to visit in Bangkok.

Rot Fai Market Srinakarin

Talad Rot Fai Ratchada

Following the big success of the first Train Market (Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin), the new Rot Fai Market was opened in Ratchada area which is more accessible. Talad Rot Fai Ratchada can be found behind Esplanade Complex, next to MRT Metro station “Thai Cultural Center”.

Talad Rot Fai Ratchada

Train Night Market Ratchada is smaller than the original, but this new night market boasts a similar retro and vintage atmosphere. The market offers antiques, second-hand toys and various retro accessories, as well as more general market type clothes, bags, shoes and electronics. Plenty of street food stalls and a row of bars can be found at Talad Rot Fai Ratchada.

JJ Green Market

JJ Green or Jatujak Green is a vintage night market located in a green park right next to the popular Chatuchak Weekend Market. Even if JJ Green is not as large in size as other night markets, you’ll still find lots of good street food, mini-cafes, live music and endless rows of stalls offering various goods. Interesting buys here includes vintage cameras, game consoles, toys, candies, home decor items, collector and various funky hand-made accessories.

JJ Green

Artbox Bangkok

Artbox Bangkok is a weekend night market, open every first weekend of the month. The most of the stalls in this market are housed in metal shipping containers making relocating easy. In 2017 and 2018 Artbox Bangkok will be located at Suanluang Square (exit 2 of BTS SkyTrain station “National Stadium”). The opening schedule and location of the market might change so it’s always a good idea to check their Facebook page before heading there.

Artbox Bangkok is an unusual night market as it features stalls of local fashion brands, artworks and unique souvenirs (you won’t find all the usual tourist souvenirs here though), as well as food vendors and food trucks offering a wide variety of food. There is also a space for artists and live music from the local bands.

Artbox Bangkok

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